Hey, I'm a Programmer based in 🍺Germany🍺.

I've been making applications in JavaScript 🌐, Python 🐍, and C++ 🦾. From time to time, during my spare time I code pet projects and usually even write about it.

Always playing around with Tech.

Dabbling into experimental cutting edge new technologies, I've been in love with software development for over half my life. It's a space of constantly changing and exciting new technology. This is a list of technologies that I've become interested in:

💻 Front-end Development

Static and dynamic websites with frameworks in JavaScript (Vue.js | React). Build web app and hosting. Adding authentification to app. Database communications and API solutions.

👨‍💻 Back-end Development

Applications with server-side JavaScript (Node.js) | Python (Django). Deploy web app and set up for access. Create serverless backend. Storage Database in MySQL and MongoDB.

🤖 Embedded Systems

Arduino Hub. Not afraid of surface-mount components and can assembly anything by hand. ARM-based µControllers. Have developed firmware for maker applications coded in C/C++.

⭐️JavaScript|Python | C++ ⭐️